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Tamarac Theatre Of Performing Arts

7143 Pine Island Rd Tamarac Fl 33321

Theatre Rental Information

*The Tamarac Theatre Of Performing Arts is happy to work with you to make your event a success. Check out the information about the Theatre on the pages listed below, and then contact us! For scheduling, rates and additional information contact Bill Schmookler at 954-531-9152 or

  • Tamarac Theatre Of Performing Arts stage and supporting areas are available for a variety of rental uses, including Musical Theatre, Dance Recitals, Conferences, Seminars, Weddings, Benefits and other public gatherings.
  • All rates include a Tamarac Theatre Of Performing Arts employee who serves as a liaison between the organization and the Tamarac Theatre.
  • All rentals are subject to availability.
  • All rental clients are responsible for their own publicity and sales, and must obtain approval from the Tamarac Theatre for all publicity and marketing material’s that use the Tamarac Theatre name.
  • A deposit of fifty percent (50%) of the rental fee is due upon the signing of the rental agreement with the remaining fifty percent (50%) due at the end of the event.
  • Cancellations: The event must be canceled within 30 days prior to the scheduled date.
  • No food or beverages of any kind may be brought into the theatre.
  • Liability insurance coverage is required for the use of the facilities.
  • As part of the rental contract the Tamarac Theatre will provide an event listing on its web site (www.ttopa.org.

This listiing will be added at the time the event is contracted. The information posted on our web site will be provided by the rental user,

  • Main Stage Dimensions—18 Ft Wide X 21 Ft Deep * Side stage Dimensions — 13.5 Long X 4 Ft Deep

Facilities Include:

  • The main stage performance venue, a 99 seat Theatre.
  • (2) Actors Dressing rooms.
  • (1) Actors restroom.
  • Box office.
  • Ample free parking.
  • Piano available at no charge.
  • Stage Lighting and house-light control.
  • Sound equipment.
  • Tech booth.


Air Conditioning

House, Lobby, Backstage Area, Stage

  • Handicap Accessible

Equipment Specs

  • Lighting system: Theatre Techniques
  • Spot Light: Mini-Followspot

Lighting & Electronic Inc

  • Sound system
  • Mackie Sound Board (CFX 16)
  • Stanton CD Player (C402)
  • Power Amp Samson (SX1200)
  • Speakers (2) (Yamaha 12 inch)
  • Speakers (2) (EV Monitors)
  • Microphones (6) wired (SM58)
  • Microphones (2) Wireless Samson (CR227) Handheld
  • Microphones (5) Wireless Sennheiser (EW100G2) Lavalier
  • Microphones (4) Wireless Samson (Concert 77) Lavalier
  • Production Communication Uniden (Ecotrek)
  • Whether your event is large or small the Tamarac Theatre Of Performing Arts will make it memorable! Thank you for your interest in our Theater.

The Tamarac Theatre Of Performing Arts Management.

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